Redefining "man power" in Lululemon's new "Strength to Be" campaign

“Strength to Be” includes five ads featuring “five men who bring diverse perspectives to the idea of internal strength and self-awareness,” Lululemon men’s brand director Karl Aaker explained. “While each of these stories is unique, they all perfectly capture the theme of the campaign—which is really about finding the confidence to be true to you.” 

We're super proud of director Francesco Calabrese of Cadence Films and his work on these with VICE's in house agency, VIRTUE.

Check out 3 of the films here on AdWeek!

Floria Sigismondi's new Alice Glass video "Without Love"

Artists Floria Sigismondi and Alice Glass team up to create this stunning video for the former front woman of Crystal Castles and her new solo release.  A symbolic journey taking us on through a garden of beauty and darkness , fragility and strength. Bravo Floria!  Produced by FADER, read the article and interview with Floria Sigismondi here. 

Congrats to Salon's AICP winners!

We're a lucky numero 3 this year at the AICP's!  Pet Gorilla's innovative films for Van's 50th anniversary directed by Reza Rasoli won in the Design category & director Joris Debeij's impactful collaboration with Jet Blue to produce the stunt "Fly Babies" won in Cause!  And once again, Squeak E Clean music dominates in the music category winning the award for Best Original Music for Kenzo!  (In addition to a Cannes Gold Lion!)  Congrats, its time to party!

Welcome Royal Budapest to the Salon family!

We're over the moon with our newest partners in production, The Royal Budapest Film Company

Director Justin Reardon and Executive Producer Norman Reiss have launched R.B.F.C with production offices in Budapest and Los Angeles and are tapped into the best resources in both film centers.  Curious about Hungarian production and history in film? Check out the fun Film Culture facts.

 Justin Readon's work both during his years as an agency creative and as a commercial and feature film director have amassed almost every noteworthy award in our industry. His style of comedic storytelling, blending bold performances and well defined characters along with a sweeping visual style is standout, memorable, and highly entertaining!

Floria Sigismondi's "Pneuma"

The always inspirational Floria Sigismondi of Believe Media is a participant in this year's Nuit Blanche Toronto. Her film " Pneuma", or "Breath of life" is a meditative consideration of the many shifts and morphings that accompany and represent our lives as human beings.  "It bloomed,"  Sigismondi tells us, "from a walking dream that unlocked something boundless and idyllic from my unconscious."

For more information on the exhibit check it out HERE!


The wizards at Pet Gorilla, along with Droga5 and HBO helped launch "Into HBO", a brilliant social gaming campaign allowing fans to delve deep down the "rabbit hole" of Instagram, answering trivia along the way in hopes of a prize trip to Comic-con. The popular social platform was an ideal host for this one of a kind experience for new and old fans alike. This impressive and ground-breaking project allows one to interact with the brand on one of the hottest platforms today. 

For more information, check out the article in AdWeek!

Believe Media Signs Director Guillermo Navarro!

We are delighted to announce that Academy Award winning director and cinematographer extraordinaire Guillermo Navarro is now on the roster at Believe Media for exclusive commercial representation! Navarro brings an immense amount of incomparable experience from working behind camera on everything from massive films to celebrated indies.

He has garnered many awards including an Independent Spirit Award, Goya Award, Golden Frog Cameraimage Award, NY Critics Circle, Mexico Ariel, and BAFTA Nominations. 

Check out this article on SHOOTONLINE!

Feeling all of the Emotions.

"The Emotional Factory" is a breathtaking spot director by Gabriel Nobrega of Lobo. Created for Caixa Cultural, the animated piece includes several references to folk art & cultural traditions from the unique regions around brazil.

A  marvelous combination of 3D and model sets filmed in studio. All camera moves were done inside the scale model they built, while the characters, machines, and props were created in CG. The look is wonderfully uncommon, lively, and textural.